Stephen West
Journalist, writer and political activist.  


Stephen West is a political activist, writer, journalist and consultant based in the North West Hampshire town of Tadley.
He joined the Conservative Party in 1999 after being invited to a champagne reception with Baroness Thatcher and it was a chance meeting with William Hague that sparked his interest in politics.  After joining the Conservative Party, he worked developing ideas for and growing William Hague's Conservative Network (a now defunct organisation aimed at connecting business people with the party).  After working at Conservative Central Office during the General Election, he was introduced to the Conservatives in Tadley and was persuaded to join the local branch and help out.

Meanwhile, Tadley was being threatened by over-development and was not being served well by the LibDem/Labour administration in Basingstoke so Stephen set about opposing them and challenging the Local Plan proposals that would have meant mass development in Tadley.  Stephen's campaign to get these green field sites removed from the Local Plan was a success and this lead to him being elected to represent part of Tadley on Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council from 2003. 

After much personal anguish and soul searching around EU membership and immigration, Stephen took the difficult step of leaving the Conservatives and joining UKIP in July 2012.  As a member of UKIP, Stephen was contributing to the policy debate and beginning to make an impact on both the content and presentation of party policy.  He stood as the UKIP candidate for the Hampshire and IoW Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012 and as a candidate in the Hampshire County Council elections in 2013.  After two and a half years in UKIP, Stephen left the party to become an Independent Councillor and fought unsuccessfully to retain his Council seat in Tadley during the May 2015 elections.

Stephen was born and brought up in North Lincolnshire.  After studying Computer Science and spending two years teaching computer skills to young people, he moved to the South East and eventually came to Tadley where he works as a freelance journalist and PR consultant in the satellite communications industry.  He also writes and blogs on Europe, home affairs and local issues. He is trained as a journalist and a member of the NUJ.

Before entering politics, Stephen served as a Special Constable first in Essex Police and then with Thames Valley.  It was during that time that he learnt about the real problems facing communities and how years of poor policy making by central government had caused a breakdown in society with all of the problems that go with it such as family breakdown, lack of school discipline, drugs, violence and child poverty.

Nowadays, Stephen's focus is on his consultancy business and his family as he has stepped back from front-line politics.  He continues to advise and assist local organisations and still campaigns for value-for-money and sustainability in local government as well as keeping an interest in local affairs; describing himself as of independent mind with a conservative leaning - with a small c ! 

As if that isn't enough, Stephen is also working hard to complete his BA (Hons) degree in PPE (Politcs, Philosophy and Economics) and hopes to graduate in May 2017.

Stephen is separated from his wife, Suzanne who is a teacher but still enjoys spending as much time as possible with his 13 year old son, Brandon. 

When not working, he enjoys sailing, SCUBA diving, Martial Arts and skiing.  His favourite TV programmes include Dr Who, Downton Abbey and Little Britain and of course, Sunday Politics.